Collaborative Business Relationship Management System

ISO 44001:2017 specifies requirements for the effective identification, development, and management of collaborative business relationships within or between organizations. Any organization can apply ISO 44001 regardless of an organization’s type, size, or location.

“As [businesses] see greater reliance on external parties to deliver solutions and an increase on contracting for outcomes, the emphasis on collaborative working will grow,” The Institute for Collaborative Working says of the importance of the standard.

Based on the British Standard BS 11000, ISO 44001 aligns with the other ISO standards using the ISO High Level Structure. ISO 44001 addresses eight life cycle stages that are rooted in BS 11000. They are:

  • Operational awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Internal assessment
  • Partner selection
  • Working together
  • Value creation
  • Staying together
  • Exit strategy implementation

Business relationships take on many forms. From long terms ventures to one-off exchanges, ISO 44001 helps organizations make the most of each relationship.

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