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February 28, 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA) – SRI Courses is now iQ Training

SRI is very pleased to introduce iQ Training to the clients, associates, and friends of SRI Registrar and SRI Courses. iQ Training replaces SRI Courses as your professional skills development provider. At iQ Training, we are growing business iQ.

Why did SRI Courses become iQ Training?

With the constant evolution of today’s business environment, organizations must have people with the ability and skills to react with innovative and agile solutions. The training organization has evolved with needs of our clients to provide critical skills development that empowers organizations to confidently meet today’s demands and opportunities head-on.

Offering expanded topic areas, improved course delivery, and renewed instruction methodology, iQ Training works with you, your team, or even your entire organization to ensure everyone is part of the solution – involved in planning, implementing, and continually improving the organization’s capabilities.

The Course Directory has grown well beyond management systems.

The training organization originated in education around management systems and, over the years, has grown to also include other critical topics affecting business today, corporate responsibility or sustainability (CSR/ESG), enterprise risk management, and high-performing built and living environments.

Versatile course delivery offers beneficial outcomes.

Every organization and employee is unique, as are their training needs and requirements. iQ Training is versatile in how it can best deliver training to you, your team, and organization.
iQ.Onsite offers on-site training that provides the opportunity to develop skills as a group which can lead to better organizational outcomes. iQ.Network is the classic classroom training that fosters networking and collaboration of people with different backgrounds opening the door to innovative thinking. iQ.Virtual offers flexible and sustainable courses that build critical job skills on-demand. Use iQ Training Plans and various course delivery methods to complete a well-rounded Skills Development Plan.

The mindset has evolved.

iQ Training goes beyond teaching you how to memorize a standard. iQ Training creates environments that foster your capacity to learn, collaborate with others, and ability to apply critical job and career skills. Through certified training courses that are facilitated by practicing and experienced industry professionals, iQ Training uses best-practice methods to take an individual’s ability to the next level. iQ Training helps individuals leverage team-focused methods and collaborative problem-solving techniques to engage all stakeholders and deliver results with broader impacts to the organization.

To start growing your business iQ, visit the website today, www.iQ.Training, for currently available courses, or call and get to work one-on-one with the iQ Training Staff to schedule or develop a course to meet your training, location, and timing needs.

iQ Training – Growing Business iQ!