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e-Vents Client Portal: Leveraging technology to help SRI clients better manage audit schedules and obtain audit results…in real-time!

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The e-Vents website allows SRI’s clients to:

  • review audit schedules for their various facilities and access the audit plan for an upcoming audit event
  • retrieve audit reports from past audit events
  • review audit results and the status of cited nonconformities issued during past audit events
  • review Opportunities for Improvements (OFIs) and other benchmark information
  • access forms, documents, and checklists

Developed on a Lotus Domino/Notes platform and fed from SRI’s internal scheduling and tracking databases, the SRI e-Vents proprietary website is a strategic tool for enhancing our clients’ management of their quality and/or environmental systems.

SRI’s unique system was designed to satisfy our clients’ need for convenient access to audit scheduling and results-related information. e-Vents is a secure website, requiring clients to subscribe and login with a username and password.

The system provides different levels of access so that individual operating units may be limited to viewing their own audit information, while regional quality managers might see each of the units within their sphere of responsibility, and the corporate quality manager can see all units across the entire organization at a glance.

e-Vents is a comprehensive site that provides secure, ready access to a company’s specific information about audit events in a format that assists SRI’s clients in optimizing their management system activities.

Once they have accessed the website, a client will be able to select the following views:

  • Events by Location – in this view, a client will be able to review a schedule of audit events for each of their operating units. Each event may be expanded to show pertinent information such as the agenda for an upcoming audit, as well as the resulting report, cited nonconformities and opportunities for improvement
  • Events by Date – with this view, a client will be able to review a schedule of audit events across all of their operating units arranged in chronological order. Again, each event may be expanded to show pertinent information as above
  • Status Report – specific information on, and the status of any corrective actions, OFIs, or best practice observed (BPO) can be viewed
  • Consolidation Reports – in this view, a client will be able to review cited nonconformities (NCs) across an entire organization. The NCs can be categorized by operating unit or by area cited. This can be a very effective tool, identifying issues that crop up across multiple operating units, which might otherwise go unnoticed
  • Various other Client Reports

In any of these views, an individual audit event may be selected and expanded to see specific event details including dates and description of the audit event, the name of the auditor, and the duration of the audit. They can also view an auditor’s recommendation notes, corrective action details, Opportunities for Improvement (OFI), and observations related to notably “better practices”.

The e-Vents site also allows the client to download the Audit Plan and the Audit Report.

e-Vents has been received overwhelmingly and enthusiastically by our clients! If you are new to SRI or have not signed up yet and wish to view the capabilities of this service, please try our demonstration. Just click here to access e-Vents Client Portal, and enter the following log-in information:

USERNAME: Events Demo
PASSWORD: letmein

Then click here to register for E-Vents

Because you are a valued client of SRI Quality System Registrar, you are encouraged to subscribe to e-Vents as another method to improve your effectiveness and efficiency.