Supply Chain Security Management

ISO 28000:2007

Goods and services move about the globe in ever increasingly complex networks. Whether complex or simple, large or small, digital or physical, all supply chains face security risks. Continued uncertainty and volatility in security of business environments experienced by many organizations have them facing security issues impacting their objectives and must address them head-on.

Ensure the sustainability and resiliency of the supply chain of your organization with ISO 28000:2007 certification. By holistically and systematically addressing security with a management system approach, you can contribute directly to the business capability and credibility of the organization.

Benefits of ISO 28000 Certification

An abundance of benefits can be realized with ISO 28000, including allowing an organization to:

  • Systemically assess the security environment in which it operates including its supply chain both upstream and downstream, as well as dependencies and interdependencies
  • Determine if adequate security measures are in place to effectively manage security related risks
  • Create and align security processes and controls, including the relevant upstream and downstream processes and controls of the supply chain to meet the organization’s objectives
  • Help ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory, and voluntary obligations to which the organization subscribes
  • Build the capability, credibility, sustainability and resiliency of your business

Work with SRI, a Qualified, Independent Certification Body

SRI has been in business since 1991, and since the inception SRI has been a leader is sustainability assurance and committed link in your supply chain as your accredited certification body. With decades of experience, no firm can provide a better assessment than SRI. Contact us today to get started by submitting the SRI Request a Proposal Form, emailing, or calling 724-934-9000.