Recent Fraudulent SRI Certificates:

CAM2 International, Inc., 63399 Highway 51 N, Roseland, Louisiana 70456 USA (ISO 9001)*
Warhurst Metals Limited, 97 Holborn Hill Birmingham, West Midlands, B6 7QX, United Kingdom (ISO 9001)*
Inomed Medizintechnik Gmbh, IM Hausgrun 29 D – 79312 Emmendingen (ISO 13485)*
Hermic Group, Inc., 6256 Spring Mountain Road, STE 100-A, Las Vegas, USA (ISO 9001)*
California Aircraft & Avionics Corp., 8708 Lupine Loop Drive, Unit One, California City, California 93505, USA (ISO 9001)*

* These certificates also fraudulently used the ANAB(c) mark.

Fraudulent certificates are certificates that were not issued by SRI or authorized by SRI or its accreditation bodies, as presented to SRI for verification. The information above is the information listed on certificates that SRI determined are Fraudulent. If you believe this information is in error, please contact SRI directly at (724) 934-9000.

Verifying a Certificate:

SRI has built safeguards into its certificates and registration process that prevent misuse of its certificates. Any companies presented an SRI certificate can and should easily verify the status of the certificate and registrant. There are several ways to confirm a company’s certification.

  • On our website, go to Resources above and click on SRI Certificate Validation to validate the status of a Client Registration and Certificate.
  • If you have received a copy of a certificate from a supplier certified by SRI, you may follow the preceding steps or email a scanned copy to to get a confirmation from SRI.