IATF 16949 Auditor On-Boarding at SRI

SRI Quality System Registrar continues to look for additional IATF staff and contractors as we expand our IATF 16949 client base. Below we outline the process to become an IATF 16949 Auditor with SRI. We are happy to talk through this process with you and help you along the way.

Why should you become an IATF Auditor with SRI?

Our fully integrated, highly secure, web-enabled systems allow our professionals to work from anywhere in the world. SRI is the only registrar to be a certified B Corp and JUST Label Organization. That means we’ve been recognized as a business that makes its employees’ wellness a top priority. Leading auditors and exceptional customer service have helped SRI attract and retain the best employees and customers in the world.

To that end, SRI was recognized by the IAOB (Automotive Oversight Bureau) as Certification Body of the Year Gold Finalist in 2021 for achieving the highest performance standards for the IATF and IAOB. It is our auditors, staff, and clients continually striving for excellence in the automotive industry that drives performance and the industry to new heights of quality, safety, and performance.

Please contact us if you are ready to become an IATF Auditor with an award-winning registrar.

Prerequisite Requirements

Industry Experience

4 years full-time in the last 15 years, including 2 years dedicated to Quality Assurance and or Quality Management activities in an automotive manufacturing organization meeting the applicability requirements of Rules 5th (i.e. automotive part supplier)

Timeframe: N/A

Core Tools Knowledge

Direct work experience or training certificates for all tools (SPC, MSA, PFMEA, PPAP)

Resource: https://www.aiag.org/quality/automotive-core-tools

Timeframe: N/A

Phase 1 – Initial SRI Audit Experience

Apply to SRI

Submit to careers@sriregistrar.com:

Timeframe: N/A

Conduct ISO 9001 Audits

Path One (no 3rd-party audit experience)

  • Min of 15 days as SRI Team Auditor
  • Pass SRI Lead Auditor Office Training
  • Acceptable performance on Team Audits
  • QMS technical area identified, documented and approved
  • Compete successful acting lead audit
  • Conduct 3 9K audits as Lead Auditor 

Timeframe: 3-12 months

Path Two (9K Lead Auditor for another CB)

  • Pass SRI Lead Auditor Office Training
  • Acceptable performance on Team Audit (one or two audits)
  • QMS technical area identified, documented and approved
  • Complete SRI IATF program training

Timeframe: 1-6 months



Observe 1 IATF Audit

Audit must be at least two days long. SRI negotiates, may pay contract auditor $200 per day.

Timeframe: 0-2 months

Phase 2  – AIAG Training and Testing

AIAG Application Part 1 - Training

AIAG Application Part 1

SRI submits part one of application to AIAG. Auditor information and experience described above must be fully documented for the application.

Timeframe: 2 weeks for review


AIAG accepts application and provides ADP number. Create a temporary ADP account and complete training prerequisites and related testing. Part one of fee due ($250 of $1500 total)

Timeframe: 1-2 months


AIAG Application Part 2 - Testing

AIAG Application Part 2

SRI submits part two of application to AIAG. Full documentation of completion of all ADP training prerequisites must be provided.

Timeframe: 0-1 month


Upon approval of application part 2, schedule a date for training and testing. Complete course with acceptable participation and written and case study portion of testing. Course cost is $3000.

Timeframe: 0-6 months


  • Pass: Move on to Phase 3.
  • Fail: Schedule for next available course and exam. Course cost is $3000. Timeframe: 3-9 months
  • Second Fail: Schedule retesting only. Timeframe: 3-9 months

Phase 3 – SRI IATF Auditor Training

Office Training

Complete SRI IATF program training.

Timeframe: 0-6 months from passed test

IATF Team Auditor

Achieve acceptable performance as an IATF Team Auditor.

Timeframe: 0-6 months from passed test

IATF Lead Auditor

Complete audit as IATF Acting Lead with internal witnessed audit.

Timeframe: 0-6 months from passed test

Phase 4 – Final AIAG Testing

Proctored Exam

Within 2 years of original testing date, take proctored exams at an approved location.

Once passed, auditor if FULL Green.

Balance of $1500 paid