SRI Quality System Registrar

SRI Quality System Registrar (SRI) is an international assessment body headquartered in Seven Fields, PA, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA (HQ); Portland, OR; Ann Arbor, MI; Dublin, Ireland; London, England; and Tokyo, Japan.  Founded in 1991, SRI is accredited by ANAB, RvA, IATF, AA1000, USGBC (GBCI), WELL (IWBI), ResponsibleSteel™, and Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) (in process) to assess and assist in conformance to quality, sustainability/ESG, information security, green building and real estate rating systems, and other international standards and frameworks.

Independent, 3rd-party data validation and evaluations play a critical role in communicating to stakeholders that certain criteria and performance expectations have been met.  Our auditors, most of whom have been with SRI since our inception, average over 25 years of industry experience in practice-specific fields, and are strategically positioned around the world to better serve our clients.

To increase the value of your management system, SRI offers training courses on documentation, interpretation, implementation, and internal auditing for all the quality, safety, and environmental standards to which SRI certifies.

Our customers value access to SRI’s exclusive “e-VENTS” on-line site, where clients and assessors can retrieve their schedules, audit results, reports, and status of any event.

Founded in 1991 by Dr. Peter B. Lake

As acceptance of international standards has grown, so has SRI. Established in 1991 as Steel Related Industries Quality System Registrar (SRI) to serve suppliers in the steel industry, SRI was one of the first five registrars in the U.S. As a representative on ISO 9000 and 14001 Technical Advisory Groups, a member and past Chair of the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR), a representative of the IAAR on the International Automotive Sector Group (IASG), and former Malcolm Baldrige Senior Examiner, founder and CEO Dr. Peter B. Lake put SRI at the forefront of development and acceptance of standards worldwide. SRI now serves the accredited registration needs of business in over 40 major industries across North America, Asia, and Europe.