SRI Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Commitment

shutterstock_234018484scaleSRI stands with the global community that is making Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) its mission by committing to the same goals, as well as providing services to socially-minded companies working achieve their goals. It is simply not enough to maintain operational efficiency in business today. SRI Quality System Registrar has a duty to contribute to sustainable development and address global causes for concern.

As SRI’s domestic and international clients and accreditation bodies implement ESG initiatives, SRI is a committed member of the supply chain. SRI has signed on the UN Global Compact ( and issues a CoP report annually. SRI uses a management system approach that builds the ESG commitments and requirements from the relevant frameworks into its accredited ISO 17021:2015 management system.

SRI began its commitment to ESG goals in 2008, when it launched three initiatives that would grow to be the backbone of its current ESG practice:

  • Be a best place to work, and use outside, independent verification to demonstrate performance
  • Commit to establishing and assessing the sustainability of built environments
  • Expanding its services to include those standards that protect our environment, communities, and human resources

SRI has now assessed thousands of sustainable built environments projects around the world, been recognized by the state of PA for its employee-centric programs, and offers certification in over ten ESG-focused global standards. As our shareholders, customers, and employees ask more of us and our supply chain, we will be prepared.

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