Concerns from and for customers, workforce, stakeholders, communities, governments, as well as our resources and climate have brought about a demand for transparent and socially responsible practices and initiatives within organizations. Companies failing to consider their impact on the planet and their people will fall behind their competition as it becomes the standard.

Organizations have a duty to recognize and address global causes for concern. Contributing to sustainable development is the main objective of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). This overarching goal is recognized by a combination of social equality, healthy ecosystems, and good organizational governance.

SRI is committed to standing with the global community that is making ESG its mission and purpose by committing to the same goals, and we have dedicated sustainability practice focused on CSR/ESG performance that provides our clients with sustainability data assurance and validation services.

Services include:

  • Management system assessments to ESG standards
  • Data validation of sustainability/environmental metrics
  • Sustainability (ESG/CSR) Report Assurance

Visit our Standards tab to explore the ways SRI can help you on your sustainability journey.