ResponsibleSteel Stakeholder Communications

ResponsibleSteel is a new voluntary initiative for the responsible sourcing and production of steel.  The standard is very broad and covers important social and environmental issues such as labor rights, communities, greenhouse gases, and air emissions.

Below, SRI provides information on the sites that it audits for ResponsibleSteel, including the date of the next planned assessment.

The ResponsibleSteel program gives anyone the opportunity to provide input to the site’s assessment who is either affected by the activities of the site or who otherwise has an interest in the site. If you would like to provide feedback, documents, or data, please send your input to, or you can phone SRI at 724-934-9000 ext. 651 to discuss the matter.

For more information on the ResponsibleSteel standard, please visit or

Upcoming ResponsibleSteel Client Assessment Information

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