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February 11, 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA) – SRI issues 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report


SRI Quality System Registrar is proud to announce that it has published its 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report. The report demonstrates SRI’s commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.  It shares SRI’s goals and impacts in the areas of governance and management, employees and community, and the environment.

SRI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey began shortly after it was founded.  Dr.  Peter Lake, SRI founder and industry pioneer, was one of the first to see that SRI could make a significant positive impact on the environment. Since its inception, SRI has helped companies protect the communities where they operate through environmental protection-focused management systems.  In 2017, SRI elevated its Sustainability Practice Leader, Jana Lake, to the leadership role of Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).  Jana’s expertise in the CSR field enabled her to expand SRI’s commitment to a global level, which resulted in SRI’s Sustainability Report that documents SRI’s plans and many accomplishments.

SRI’s President, Christopher Lake, shares his vision, “We want to set an example of what an upright global corporate citizen can be, and show that such investments improve the return to a company’s stakeholders. SRI has always had the goal of being a service leader, and now SRI is also leading as a responsible, resilient, sustainable company for its stakeholders, the community, and the environment.”

The SRI Corporate Responsibility Report is consistent with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting guidelines in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core Option.  It aligns to ISO 26000:2010 (Social Responsibility) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and satisfies the UN Global Compact Communication of Progress requirements. The report is also compliant with the AA1000 Assurance standard.

Click here to view SRI Quality System Registrar’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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