Brand Management
5 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Jennifer Jackson

Audit your Supply Chain’s Brand Management Conformance

For company’s that rely heavily on licensing, managing all the areas that can impact brand value can be overwhelming. SRI has created a Brand Management Audit program that can help assure your Brand requirements are met up and down your supply chain. The program can be designed to include:

  • Point of purchase and product placement requirements at retail
  • Logistics and transportation requirements
  • Product manufacturing and quality management
  • Service quality and support
  • Information security and integrity
  • Environmental requirements, including sustainability, energy use, and GHG emissions
  • Social responsibility and employment practices, including health and safety management
  • Business continuity preparedness
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • Other Brand-specific requirements

SRI will work with you to build the exact audit program you need. We have auditors world wide that are experienced in every area of the program to ensure every point in the supply chain is operating as you require and expect. SRI’s logistical support team manages the global audit program to help you maximize effectiveness and minimize costs. You get a custom designed score card that tracks your supply chain performance, and let’s you focus resources where they are needed most.

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