SRI and its clients continue to set the bar for certification and industry.


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After more than a year of working with its auditors and clients, SRI announced that all of its clients upgraded to AS9100 Revision C, meeting the 7/1/12 deadline. This represents a major accomplishment by SRI, its auditors, and its clients to work together and get ready by the deadline.

Not all registrars were able to meet the deadline. It was only through a committed effort by SRI and its outstanding client companies that all were able to make the enhancements and complete their registration upgrades on time.

SRI maintains the highest commitment to the AS9100 standard and the goal set by the AS stakeholders for their suppliers. SRI considered the deadline a critical milestone in Aerospace suppliers achieving improved quality, on-time delivery, continual improvement, and value-add to the supply chain. SRI and its clients continue to raise the bar.