The WELL Building Standard has changed the way we think about buildings. With human health and well-being at its core, it explores how design, operations, and behaviors can positively affect people, as well as the environment. Because it is a performance-based system, each and every WELL project is verified through on-site, post-occupancy testing of building performance.

SRI, as a WELL Performance Testing Organization, provides third-party verification for building projects pursuing the progressive WELL certification. Your SRI WELL Testing Agent provides Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) performance testing that includes the evaluation of 67 distinct performance indicators while on the project site, requiring over 20 types of tests to be performed and using 10 or more types of equipment.

Performance Verification

WELL Performance Verification is an important step that ensures the WELL building is performing as the design intended. Approved by the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) and on the International WELL Building Institute’s approved list of testers, SRI’s WELL Performance Testing Agents carry out flexible and cost-effective Performance Verification to determine whether conditions of the building meet the requirements in accordance with the criteria as outlined in the WELL Performance Verification Guidebook. The result is assurance that your building meets the requirements of the WELL Standard, a critical step in achieving WELL Certification.

SRI has been in business since 1991, and since the inception of the Green Building Design Assessment group, has performed over 9000 project assessments and 3000 complete building design assessments. With decades of experience, no firm can provide a better assessment than SRI. Talk with our Sales Team today by calling 724-934-9000 or completing the Request a Proposal form.

Not Quite Ready for Performance Testing Verification?

Through our affiliate company, 3R Sustainability, IWBI-trained WELL AP’s and Testing Agents can help you navigate the WELL Standard and prepare you for performance testing, so you can be confident when the time comes!

To learn more about how SRI can help, contact SRI’s Chief Sustainability Officer & CSR Solutions Lead, Jana Lake today at 724-934-9000 x651 or email