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July 17, 2018 (Pittsburgh, PA) – SRI Approved by AccountAbility as official AA1000 Assurance Provider

SRI Quality System Registrar is proud to announce its recent approval by AccountAbility as an official AA1000 Assurance Provider. The AA1000 standard assures sustainability has been built into an organization’s management system and validates the corporate responsibility (CR) data being reported. SRI is pleased to offer AA1000 assessments and certification to its clients along with quality, health and safety, environmental, and information security.

Suppliers, customers, stakeholders, and markets are now scoring and reporting Corporate Responsibility performance, and they are measuring and looking for specific information and results.  This trend has seen higher visibility as large brands and stock markets have begun using Corporate Responsibility as an additional threshold for granting contracts, coverage, and ratings.

SRI began its own commitment to CR goals in 2008, when it launched three initiatives that would grow to be the backbone of its current CR practice, and now SRI currently offers certification in more than ten CR-focused global standards. Adding AA1000 to its service offerings was a natural fit for the company given its management system approach. Having guided organizations’ approaches to social equality, healthy ecosystems, and good organizational governance for over two decades, AA1000 is the trusted measure and standard for Corporate Responsibility assurance.  With its approval, SRI now provides assessments and qualified Statements of Assurance against AA1000, and it can integrate its assessments into its clients’ current audit and certification programs.

Organizations with certified management systems can integrate the AA1000 requirements into their existing system and certification timetables.  The amount of time and full scope of the assessment will depend on breadth of the reporting, and size of the organization, very much like traditional standards.  SRI can do a good part of the assessments off-site though, helping clients save time and expense.

 “SRI is excited to offer AA1000 Assurance to our clients as it becomes pivotal in doing business. We continually expand our Corporate Responsibility service offerings as it becomes the norm. Not only is SRI an approved Assurance Provider of AA1000, we’ve also added ISO 44001:2017 for Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems, as well as Code of Conduct audits. We are also pursuing B-Corp certified status ourselves. It is SRI’s mission to help companies do business better, and assurance to these frameworks can do just that,” stresses Jana Lake, SRI’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

 About SRI

SRI Quality System Registrar, headquartered in Seven Fields, PA, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA, Portland, OR, Dublin, Ireland, and Tokyo, Japan, is a global CR, management system assurance, and training services company, accredited by ANAB, RvA, IATF, FSSC, APMG, AA1000, and the USGBC (GBCI) to certify conformance to quality, environmental, health and safety, information security, social responsibility, and LEED systems and standards.  For more information on how SRI builds relationships for success, go to or call 724-934-9000.

About 3R

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, 3R Sustainability is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SRI that guides socially-minded organizations through Corporate Responsibility program planning and implementation. 3R uses an integrated approach to realize sustainability goals that add business value and brand equity. As shareholders, customers, and employees ask more of their organizations and supply chain, 3R is uniquely qualified to integrate initiatives across the organization into a comprehensive CR program. 3R teams are made up of accredited professionals with backgrounds in business management, consulting, engineering, and assessments with decades of industry experience. Offering a range of CR services including planning, implementation, program evaluation, report and assurance guidance, and education and training; as well as supplemental services such as, built environment (LEED) consulting and resources for 3rd party verification, 3R tailors a team and solution to an organization’s exact needs. To learn more visit or call 724-741-9900.

About AccountAbility and AA1000

AccountAbility is a global consulting and standards firm that works with business, governments and multi-lateral organizations to advance responsible business practices and improve their long-term performance. “AA1000 Series of Standards are principles-based Standards and Frameworks used by a broad spectrum of organizations – global businesses, private enterprises, governments and civil societies – to demonstrate leadership and performance in accountability, responsibility, and sustainability,” explains AccountAbility, creator of the AA1000 standard series. As the leading standard in Sustainability/CSR assurance, it is based on four principles; The Foundation Principle of Inclusivity, The Principle of Materiality, The Principle of Responsiveness, and The Principle of Impact (new for 2018). To learn more about AccountAbility visit: